Greetings from the CEO

Dear All,

Our company is marching ahead courageously towards creating a better tomorrow for all of us. Previous year gave us much required comfort in terms of improved economic environment coupled with fall of fuel prices, soothing of inflation, repo rate cuts etc. Our company had leveraged these positives and delivered good results. We are resolute to build a better JMC, which means sincerely attempting to be a better contractor, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

Our country is expected to see increased economic growth and improved foreign investment that will spur demand for construction. Rapid urbanization has already registered necessities for smart cities and low-cost housing, in addition to modern infrastructure facilities. Modern urban centers immediately need an enriching eco-system of logistics hubs, transportation networks, SEZs, power plants and water systems etc.

Management has taken concrete steps to win respect and loyalty of our customers & employees, thereby build a better future; some of them are as follows:

  • Targeting specific opportunities within India and internationally, where we have strong credentials.
  • Upgrading company's Information Technology environment.
  • Cost rationalization and waste minimization initiatives including consolidation of various functions
  • Centralization of strategic sourcing/procurement & supply chain management structure.
  • Strengthening our Safety & QA-QC Performance.
  • Your company places continuing emphasis on embracing multi-cultural work character, which adds a brighter shade in our identity.

'JMC' has become a corporate brand, which performs notably in Buildings & Factories, Infrastructure, Urban Infrastructure, Industrial & Power projects' space. Nation building continues to be the underlying theme in all our endeavors. On the technology front, JMC is gearing up to undertake projects adopting new trends in civil engineering and construction technology. We have consistently been involved in community engagement programmes ranging from health, education for skill building. Environmental health is critical to business sustainability. Our endeavors to reduce the impact of operations by protecting the environment, conservation of resources and mitigating climate change.

With this, I wish you all the best. I am grateful to you for your cooperation and trust that you have bestowed on us, without which our progression would have remained just a distant dream.

Shailendra Kumar Tripathi
CEO & Managing Director